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      Changzhou Kaisheng Machinery Parts CO.,LTD

      +86 15252734228 amy@kaishengcz.com

      Changzhou Kaisheng Machinery Parts CO.,LTD

      Changzhou Kaisheng Machinery Parts Co.,Ltd was founded in 2001, the main products of various domestic and international standards of Stators,Rotors,Motors and other products,widely used in Hoverboard,Electric Bike,Electric Motocycle,Electric Cars,Washing Machines,Reducers,etc.
      The company covers an area of 20000 square meters, construction area of 10000 square meters,the existing technical staff and advanced technicians of more than 100 people. Company production equipment, product manufacturing product design, mold development, mold making material forging, CNC precision machining, the production of high precision products, pressure resistant. Products are exported to Japan, Germany, American, South America, Southeast Asia and many countries.

      Welcome to visit our factory !